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Welcome to the AR1900 Website

Welcome all Alfa Romeo Fans and Owners       We are happy you are visiting our website

This website is produced for the benefit and enjoyment of owners and admirers of Alfa Romeo automobiles of the 1900 Series built in Milan from 1950 to 1959.
The purpose is to promote the restoration, preservation and use of these fine classic cars through the cultivation of an accurate register of survivors, provision of a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information, facilitating  access to updated technical data and the archival of  historical material.

Fundamentally this website is a private one serving the interests of owners.

Members, readers, cognisanti, car-guys, viewers, voyeurs, visitors, site-surfers, sightseers,  gawkers, the curious and any others are invited to make their views known. Participation makes us what we are to be. We want to be better but that is hard without your help.

Dave Martin at Pebble Beach

Dave Martin does it again

Dave's 01583 at The "Quail 2017.

Looking great and makes us all feel proud.
What a streak .. MM 2016 Cal Mille 2017   Pebble "The Quail 2017


2017 California Mille Miglia Post Event Report

David Martin   Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint *01583

As we pulled out of the Fairmont Hotel on April 23 and headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge
This was only the 5th day I had driven the car since I have owned it. 4 of the days were in the 2016 Mille Miglia a few weeks ago and the 5th  in the Sant Monica Mountains getting ready for this event.
After the Italian adventure the car needed a few things to be taken care .....

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Italian Businessman’s Express

Peter Vack’s Veloce Today is an exceptional publication attracting exceptional contributors and by the same token exceptional readers because in the morass of “stuff” thrust upon us from cyberspace it is often hard to focus on the wheat instead of the chaff . Many of you are no doubt faithful followers already but for those who are not I quote: is a high quality online periodical catering to Italian and French automobile enthusiasts. Launched in 2001, VeloceToday has been published every week for over ten years. VeloceToday is sent out to our subscribers every Tuesday. Our articles are written by subject matter experts around the world, exclusively for VeloceToday. Most of our contributors have or still do write for the traditional automotive press or have published books to their credit. You can trust VeloceToday to publish accurate, informative articles on cars, people and events”

The issue of March 21 2017  (also 4/18/2017 issue) got my attention because it is an unusual and attractive assessment of the 1900C. The story and the photos are credited to Veloce Today staff. However I know that our very own Paul Wilson 10319 of Virgina was a major contributor in words and visuals with redoubtable coach Peter Marshall no doubt standing in the wings. Paul Wilson is a major collector, not in the number of cars but in their quality, some as whimsical as he is. I have learnt not to  argue with Paul because he has his facts straight and is knowledgeable on a large variety of subjects. He is also a skilled and capable craftsman rebuilding, re styling and re-bodying a 6C2500 himself on his own, in his own shop, in his own large clear-span car barn, that, guess what, was designed and built by him.

Take a time-out, put your feet up and read this

Items of Interest

New Millenove Book

H.Jürgen Döhren, the author and publisher has kindly provided the following short introduction to his new Millenove book.

This compendium, published for the first time in German and English, is unrivalled on the market as a brand biography. This book represents the first detailed documentation of the model history of the Alfa Romeo 1900, including all its derivatives and the associated coachbuilders, presented in a fascinating form.

All the coachbuilders who designed very special vehicles for the 1950s era are introduced. Innovative in technical terms, but also progressive, even extravagant in their styling, at the time it was above all the Italian designers who set milestones with their creations.

The complete development of the 1900 sedan, all coupes and convertibles based on the 1900 floorpan, but also very special Alfa Romeos like the Sportiva, BAT or Disco Volante are described in detail and highlighted.

04.November 2016 H.-Jürgen Döhren Author and publisher

The price is Euro78 plus shipping (36 to US)


See  a review of this book by clicking on the following link    

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Peter Vack Review of the AR1900  

"This is a keeper, replaying a 2012 Peter Vack review of the 1900 and of the Millenove book. Our thanks to Skip  Cook who drew our attention to this "


Great Image Collection


on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 22:39

By David Martin   01585

The Mille was spectacular and beyond expectation and an incredible amount of fun. Can you imagine driving as fast as you can, running all red lights, driving on the sidewalks and racing the police, all to the encouragement of about every Italian in the country

 Oh and the parties.I first got interested in the Mille when in 2015 I visited Brescia the day of the start of the race.  There were about 80,000 people drinking beer on a hot afternoon in a medieval city then 400 classic race cars wove thru the town with zero crowd control. I knew then I had to enter.